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Description of services offered by Brentwood Removals

Packaging Supplies

Packaging supplies designed specifically for the job will make any move easier. Making do with whatever bags and boxes you can find often leads to items getting broken or dropped - especially if you use a box that is not strong enough to hold its contents. Brentwood Removals will supply high quality boxes, bags, packing tape and more to ensure that your move is simple, safe and easy. Packaging supplies can be delivered directly to your door, or we can bring them along when you make...
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Business Removals

If you think moving home is stressful, imagine packing up your entire office! Thankfully, there is help at hand. Brentwood Removals offers a full business removals service alongside our standard home removals. From planning to packing, we take care of everything. Your workplace furniture, files, soft furnishings and everything else can be packed up and transported to any destination. We have helped local companies right across Brentwood with moves of all size. Our large fleet of removals vans and friendly team of helpful staff means...
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Piano Removals

Your piano is precious, and when it comes to moving it you want someone who will take great care. Brentwood Removals has a team of staff who are trained in piano removals, ready to assist with any task. From baby pianos to grand and upright styles, we can get your instrument safely to its new destination. We can also assist with the moving of other large instruments, such as harps and drum kits. Whether you are moving home, selling your piano or just readying the stage...
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