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Founders of Brentwood Removals

Back in 2008, Brentwood Removals began as a humble man and van service. Today, the company has a wide fleet of vehicles and eight staff members. We carry out the removal of all sizes across the whole of Brentwood.

Meet the founders of Brentwood Removals. Learn all about our history and how we can support your next home or business move. As one of Brentwood’s most reputable and respected moving firms, we have helped hundreds of customers travel to their new homes safely.

We make sure that nothing is left behind and that everything arrives in one piece. Behind our strong and reliable team, you will find our two exceptional founders. Still supporting the company on the ground and providing a whole host of additional services.

Meet the Founders of Brentwood Removals

“When we first started Brentwood Removals back in 2008, we never expected it would grow into what it has. We simply wanted to help people out in the community with low-cost moves and courier jobs. With a van at our disposal and Martin’s strong, careful approach, we quickly picked up a reputation for good service.

Through word of mouth, our service has grown and we quickly found ourselves needing extra staff. Today there are eight of us on the team. We’ve developed a very close-knit friendship which helps make work easy and fun for us. We have also added to the fleet of vehicles we use: with four big vans available, we can tackle moves of any size. Whether you have a single room or a five-bedroom home, Brentwood Removals can help you get moved.

Today we have expanded even further and we cover all of Brentwood, as well as travelling into other areas of London. We undertake moves every day and we are available at any time of year, with a fast and friendly service you can count on. We love to hear from new customers and always welcome enquiries and requests. And, we’re also happy to hear from former customers who want to use us for their next move!”

– Anita and Mark

If you have any questions for the founders of Brentwood Removals, Anita is our customer service coordinator and the best person to speak to with your queries and issues. You can also request a free quote online by completing our online form.