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Packaging Supplies for Removal

Packaging supplies designed specifically for the job will make any move easier. Making do with whatever bags and boxes you can find often leads to items getting broken or dropped – especially if you use a box that is not strong enough to hold its contents. Brentwood Removals will supply high-quality boxes, bags, packing tape and more to ensure that your move is simple, safe and easy. Packaging supplies can be delivered directly to your door, or we can bring them along when you make use of our dedicated packing service.

If you are moving home or switching to new business premises, call Brentwood Removals and see what we can do for you. We deliver to the whole of the Brentwood district and we can also provide packaging materials to the wider London area.

A Comprehensive Range of Packaging Supplies

When it comes to moving, we have thought of everything. Below is a comprehensive guide to the packaging products you will need, to help you prepare for the big move. Alternatively, you can book our packing service and we will do all the hard work for you.


Whether you go with plastic or cardboard, boxes are essential when moving. They can hold a variety of items. They are strong and easy to store and handle. Plastic boxes are great for storing electrical cables and components, or delicate kitchenware and utensils.

Packing Tape

Tape is versatile and convenient – use it to secure boxes and bags once they have been packed, and prevent the loss of contents during transit. Tape can also be used to hold dismantled furniture and components together and ensure that nothing gets lost.

Dust Covers and Sheets

During a move, delicate items need to be protected. Whether we are undertaking piano removal or transporting dressers and display units, we can provide covers to prevent damage during transit. We also supply dust sheets for floors to prevent scratches.


Never lose anything during a move again with organised labelling of all your boxes! You can use labels to mark the contents of boxes and bags. That way you can easily move them to the right rooms and find your belongings easily.

Bubble Wrap

These handy sheets are ideal for packaging up delicate items like glassware, mirrors, china and toys. Bubble wrap consists of plastic sheets filled with tiny pockets of air, which create a cushion and prevent damage from knocks. Use to wrap just about everything!

Scissors/Box Cutter

From cutting tape and trimming boxes to unhooking ties and opening packages, a sharp edge is crucial during the packing and unpacking process. We always bring the right tools along for every job. And we can supply you with this equipment on request as well.